Bogan 10yr Class Reunion
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Its about time we Reunite so come out and join the celebration!

Saturday Night 07/23/2016: **All White Madi Gras Party** at the R Lounge on 5101 s. Union. Doors Open at 8PM and close at 2:30AM...Included: Food, Pop/Water, Madi Gras Beads & Decor, Free Wine/Beer etc...Live Dj & Pic Man will be in the building!

Sunday Afternoon/Evening 07/24/2016: **BBYOB Picnic* (Bring Yo Own Booze Picnic) at Hayes Park on 2936 w. 85th St. Picnic will start at 11AM and end at 6PM. This is a family/ friends event so bring a friend or two (nomore than 2). Included: 10year Reunion TShirt, Live Dj, Basketball Tournament, Food, Juice/Pop/Water, Snacks, Pic Man etc

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